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How to solve the Astral Puzzles in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact 2.8 has introduced several new puzzles so far, but the Astral Puzzle section of Mona’s new quest is one of the trickiest that miHoYo has added in quite some time. To solve it, you’ll need to recreate starry constellations by rearranging nodes to form patterns in a series of rooms. 

In this Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle guide, I’ll explain how each of the four puzzles work and provide you with the solutions. If you’re stuck with the end of Mona’s phantom realm, you might also want to know how to complete that “Seize destiny” quest step. 

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How to unlock Mona’s domain puzzle

Shortly after you start the Ancient Azure Stars quest, you’ll find yourself inside Mona’s phantom realm in a room with four barrier-sealed entrances, each of which show a constellation. You’ll have to collect the Asterism Shards and use two of them to unlock the first gateway by placing them in the upper and lower slots. After you solve each puzzle, you’ll have to head back to the island to grab another Asterism Shard so you can unlock the next door, and so on. 

Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle #1 

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In each Astral Puzzle room, there’s a constellation that you have to recreate by rotating the nodes on the floor, and hitting them to form patterns. I’ve marked the screenshots in this article with the direction that each node has to face. Once everything is in position, it doesn’t matter what order you hit the nodes in. You can also hit them as you go if you want to see the pattern forming.

Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle #2  

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This one is a little trickier since you can’t see the constellation through the ceiling. However, if you find and activate the star in the room, it’ll fly out of one of the cracks in the roof, and will show you the constellation you need to recreate through it.

Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle #3 

For the third puzzle, you can find the constellation by looking through the door with the barrier off to the right. There are two possible solutions.

Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle #4 

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After you’ve removed some Asterism Shards from the previous doors to unlock the last Astral Puzzle, head into the room and hit the switch. This will make the constellation appear above you. Refer to the image above for the solution.

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