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Epic asks leakers to not leak Fortnite Chapter 3, it leaks anyway on TikTok

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The relationship between Epic and Fortnite’s small legion of data miners and leakers has always been a tense one. Perhaps no more so than when a new Fortnite season or chapter is around the corner. With Fortnite Chapter 3 on the horizon, Epic has reportedly been asking the usual leakers to abstain from spoiling anything related to the Fortnite Chapter 3 reveal event “The End.”

This didn’t stop a major teaser from dropping on TikTok, suggesting a pretty dramatic change for the Fortnite map and more in Chapter 3. It also didn’t stop Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from posting a video hyping his energy drink brand alongside a mysterious Fortnite relic. Check it out in the post below.

– CHAPTER 3 SPOILER WARNING -Alright, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but wants to, here’s the ad that was found on TikTok.I wasn’t going to post it, but considering it’s already everywhere on the internet, there’s no reason to hide it anymore(Found by @cooper17571967) pic.twitter.com/pa8Hu20R2LDecember 2, 2021

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The video, supposedly a TikTok ad for Fortnite Chapter 3, shows characters from Chapter 2’s inaugural season being swept away by a massive wave, and then Agent Jones treading water out in the ocean a fair distance away from the Fortnite island. The island can be seen sticking out of the water and reaching into the stratosphere, like a Titanic made of earth, and surrounded by alien ships from season 7 and the tsunami wall from the end of season 2. Something teleports the island back to calmer waters, but the giant landmass has already flipped like a quarter and landed on its backside, revealing what appears to be a whole new map.

As if that weren’t enough, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video on his Instagram that’s definitely a not-so-secret Fortnite promo. The wrestler-turned-film-star is always posting videos from his gym, and promoting his ZOA brand of energy drinks, but the latest shows him pulling a can out from a mini fridge and revealing what is almost certainly the helmet worn by the Foundation.

A post shared by therock (@therock)

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If you’re a little lost, the Foundation was the Iron Man-esque character who teamed up with Agent Jones to save the Fortnite island from a dimensional calamity way back in season 5. Since then, the Foundation has been trying to make his way back to finish his business. Basically, his whole deal is that he wants to stop the time loop that’s powering Fortnite’s weird battle royale world.

Why does the Rock have the Foundation’s helmet in his fridge? Beats me. The post’s accompanying text and Rock’s speech include a few references to Fortnite: “Zero Point, Higher Ground, Foundation.”

Funny enough, the person filming Johnson also periodically turns the camera upside down, much like the island seen in the leaked TikTok video. Our best guess? Probably that the Rock will play some sort of role in Fortnite Chapter 3, whether it’s as a new skin to earn in the battle pass, purchase in the item shop, or maybe even voice a character. Agent Jones is already played by Troy Baker, the man of a million video game voice roles, so it’s not a stretch to think Epic would throw down good money to get the Rock in on the action. There was a ton of speculation earlier this year that the Rock might play the Foundation, owing to the similar build and visual style seen in the Reddit post below.

could_it_be_him_the_tattoo_profile_the_name from r/FortNiteBR

Epic declined to comment on the leak. I guess we’ll find out what’s going on when Fortnite Chapter 3 gets underway in early December.

Thanks, Polygon.

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