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This gaming setup is the ultimate flight and racing sim battlestation

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A jaunt on Sweclockers this morning uncovered this gem of a gaming setup, named the SIMPIT. I’m not so sure about the name (Sim-pit or Simp-it?), but it’s still a badass battlestation for the Sim enthusiasts among us. And the modder has even more up their sleeve.

The SIMPIT by Naicro is actually an older design, but such an immense amalgamation of high-end gear deserves some recognition. With Virpil flight controls, a ClubSport driving setup with hot-swappable wheels, and a selection of VR headsets to top it off, this setup has careened straight out of our wildest sim-based dreams and into reality. It’s even got an ultra HD, 49 inch, curved Samsung monitor, sweet peripherals, and a Buttkicker gamer 2 for those intensely immersive vibrations.

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There’s even a series of Logitech flight panels and a few iPads arranged just around the keyboard. These are kept in place, as Naicro explains in the comments, with the “iPad back covers attached to an aluminum profile that slides into the rail for the extendable keyboard.”

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And they lament, “It could certainly have been made nicer but was made from what I had lying in the garage.” It’s pretty resourceful and gives it that extra flair. Still, I think if I had the money to get all this gear, I’d have just left out maybe two of the VR headsets and employed someone to put it all together for me.

I was a little disappointed to discover that the Alienware PC shell only contained an RTX 2080 Ti, especially with a hungry 4K monitor and 8K Pimax VR headset to feed. But, we soon discovered there’s an updated version of the setup: The “Sim-Lab P1-X SFX-100 DIY Motion Sim Rig for space, flight and race.”

Completed just a month ago, this new version has a lot of the same features as the old one, but now has an Nvidia RTX 3090 and Intel i7-10700K combo, and involves a motion system that is “100% DIY, made with 3D printed parts and industrial grade components ordered from obscure sites around the world.”

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As a motion rig, this new setup “uses telemetry input from the game which the motors in each corner translates to motion up to 2G.” That’s the main difference between this one and the former setup, other than the hardware inside the rig, as well as a couple of extra monitors and a fresh smattering of VR headsets for good measure.

The most awkward thing to get right was the motion setup, explains Naicro, “One misconfigured parameter and you’re launched into the ceiling.” But they’re pretty pleased with the final thing, noting that they “Wouldn’t change a thing, it’s a throne worthy of gods.”

When we asked Naicro about the total cost of the setups, they replied with “I’ll have to get back to you on cost, I have intentionally lost count long ago.” I think I would have too, to save my sanity. Going forward, they have plans to “expand the motion system further to include sway,” (side to side) and surge (forward and backward)” as it only has up, down, pitch and roll right now.

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