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Elden Ring’s Deluxe Edition is a sad little package

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I’m not typically one to shell out for special editions, but for games I’ve been especially anticipating I do like to splash out a bit to commemorate finally getting my hands on them, as a treat. It doesn’t take much to make me happy—give me a few nifty cosmetics and I’m content—but when faced with Elden Ring’s Deluxe Edition, I was left wondering where the rest of it went. 

For 15 quid more, you can be the owner of *drum roll* the full game and—yes, there’s more—a soundtrack and artbook. What a haul! The fact that the game itself is being touted as part of the edition says it all, really. There’s not much more to show off. 

Now, I’m sure it’s a lovely art book, and I’m sure the soundtrack will be welcomed by many ears, but some concept art and music I can already listen to—albeit without control over the tracks—doesn’t sound particularly deluxe. Or worth another £15. This is bonus material, the sort of thing that I’d expect as an extra alongside some flashier stuff, or maybe as a pre-order incentive. The actual pre-order bonus is arguably much better, as it at least includes something that can be used in-game, even if it is just an emote. 

It’s just a bit half-arsed given that Elden Ring is the most anticipated game of the year (and last year), and by all accounts is pretty exceptional. Just read our Elden Ring review. And, as you’d expect from FromSoftware, it’s pretty weird, which could have provided fertile ground for some unusual additions. 

The more expensive (and sold out) physical Collector’s Edition at least comes with a very fetching statue, and while that sort of thing isn’t possible in a digital edition, we could have at least gotten something.

It’s probably a good sign that I’m moaning about the contents of the Deluxe Edition and nothing else, but then again I haven’t had the good fortune to play Elden Ring yet. Maybe I’ll hate it! Though that seems highly unlikely. 

The silver lining of all this is that you don’t have any reason to spend more cash, unless you really, really want that artbook and soundtrack. If that’s enough for you, more power to you. But I am a spoiled child and I want a cool hat to wear—or, you know, something better than that—when I’m stomping around the Lands Between.


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