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The first Disney Dreamlight Valley code is for a mysterious golden potato

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The first of an unknown number of Disney Dreamlight Valley codes has arrived, rewarding those who redeem it with a mysterious spud. We don’t know yet how often Gameloft is planning to drop new Dreamlight Valley codes, or what kind of things we may receive in the future, but it’s not at all surprising that DDV is experimenting with a code-based rewards system during its early access. Plenty of other live service games traffic in reward codes, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these leading up to and after DDV’s official launch.

The potato code problem was a bit of a scavenger hunt from the developers, involving a particular Halloween update promo photo with the suspicious file name “LOOK_CLOSER“. If you do in fact look closer, you can make out the 16-letter code engraved in the wooden bench. This is the only active Dreamlight Valley code we know of so far, but I’d bet that this won’t be the last time that Gameloft sneaks out a delivery for players to uncover.

Active Disney Dreamlight Valley codes 

The golden potato code is: 


Redeeming the potato code will deliver a message to the mailbox outside your home that reads “You stumble upon a Golden item. It looks weirdly like a potato. Who knows what secrets it holds?!”

So far, nobody. Nobody knows what secrets the potato holds. Players have been trying to cook it, give it as a gift, and plant it without success. Nevermind that the code is spelled “potoato.” Unless that’s somehow a clue to another piece of the puzzle.

The golden potato is marked as a quest item, so you can’t accidentally drop it or get rid of it. For now, go ahead and stuff that thing in one of your storage chests until someone figures out what the heck to do with the thing.

How to redeem Dreamlight Valley codes 

To redeem your Disney Dreamlight Valley code, go to the “Help” section of the “Settings menu,” copy the code into the text box, and press “Claim”. You should receive your rewards by in-game mail.

The one Dreamlight Valley code we’ve seen so far doesn’t have any expiration date that we know of. So you should be able to redeem codes whenever you see them, no time limit, until we hear otherwise.

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