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Diablo 4 beta rewards and how to earn all four

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All hope is not lost—you can still earn all four Diablo 4 beta rewards in the final weekend of open testing before launch. Although the Diablo 4 open beta ran its course in March, the Diablo 4 “server slam” playtest in May is once again open to all comers. And luckily, all the open beta’s unlockable cosmetic rewards for the full game’s release will be available to earn. Better still, there’s a new cosmetic that’ll be unlockable during the server slam, bringing the total tally of cosmetics to collect up to two character titles, one back item, and one mount trophy.

Be sure to check the Diablo 4 beta dates so you know when to grab these exclusive cosmetics ahead of the full Diablo 4 launch in June. Here are the full details for what’s up for grabs, and how to earn them:

  • Initial Casualty title: Reach Kyovashad with one character
  • Early Voyager title: Reach level 20 with one character
  • Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item: Reach level 20 on one character
  • Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy: earned by defeating the World Boss, Ashava, with a level 20 character.

The titles and back-mounted baby wolf bjorn were the rewards offered during Diablo 4’s March beta weekends—obviously, the wolf carrier was the main carrot on a stick. The “Initial Casualty” title is the first one you’ll earn by reaching the town Kyovashad. You’ll reach it at around level 5 during the story quest Rite of Passage, after you’ve left the first small town, Nevesk. The other title and back cosmetic are both handed out once you reach at least level 20 on one character.

The mount trophy, meanwhile, is the new offering exclusive to May’s server slam playtest. To secure it, you’ll need to track down and defeat Ashava, the first world boss encounter in Diablo 4. Take her out, and you’ll get to ride around with one of her gnarly fangs hanging from your horse as bragging rights. For the full briefing on where and when to fight Ashava, check our Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss spawn times and location guide.

You shouldn’t struggle too hard to hit level 20 though, based on my experience in the March beta. Make sure to spend time working on that main quest and stop to participate in open world events. Be warned though, May’s server slam weekend has a level 20 cap and isn’t running quite as long as past weekends. You may only be able to level one of the Diablo 4 classes to 20 this time.

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