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Diablo 2: Resurrected open beta kicks off next week, but some players will get in sooner

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The public will get another hands-on with Diablo 2: Resurrected next Friday, with August 20 marking the arrival of the Public Open Beta weekend. That event is open to everyone across all platforms, but if you’ve pre-ordered the game you’ll be able to play this week, starting August 13. 

Like the previous technical alpha, the open beta will be limited to the first two acts, but there’s no level cap, so you can feasibly grind your way to extreme overpowerfulness. Five of the full game’s seven classes will be available to mess around with, including the Paladin, Druid, Barbarian, Amazon and Sorceress. Multiplayer will be enabled, supporting up to eight players in either cooperative or PvP play.

If you’re one of the players eligible to take part in the Early Access weekend (in other words, if you’ve pre-ordered the game) your progress will carry over into the following open beta weekend.

The Early Access weekend kicks off August 13 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 3am AEST. The Open Beta weekend starts August 20 at the same time. The Open Beta weekend will run three days.

The Diablo 2: Resurrected release date is September 3.  

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