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All Security Drone locations in Destiny 2

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The Destiny 2 Security Drones are yet another little set of secrets that Bungie has thrown our way this season. These floating yellow orbs can only be destroyed if you shoot them with the new exotic pulse rifle, Revision Zero, and they seem to be linked to a mysterious door you can find in the Seraph’s Shield mission on the orbital station. 

At the start of each week you’ll get to choose an upgrade that will help you out in Seraph’s Shield, letting you open security doors, or walk through lasers. Since you can use an eager edge sword to get through lasers, I’d definitely prioritise the security doors. This will let you access all of the Security Drones on Seraph Station so you can get every one and earn the Archangel’s Refit exotic sparrow.

You will, of course, need the new exotic weapon, Revision Zero, so you’ll have to complete the Seraph’s Shield mission, which will also give you access to that mysterious door. I’ve also updated our Resonance Amp locations guide with the extra four that are contained in the mission. Here’s where to find the Destiny 2 Security Drones, and the door that they’ll open.

Moon Security Drone locations

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There are ten Security Drone locations on the moon. Here’s where to find each: 

1. Archers Line: Jump on top of the broken pipeline that runs through the area and follow it to where it meets the building in the north to find the orb.
2. K1 Logistics lost sector: Off to the side of the boss arena with the servitor at the end of the lost sector.
3. Anchor of Light: By the entrance to the crashed Ketch near where the Fallen tank public event happens.
4. Anchor of Light: At the base of the building’s radio antenna in the north-west of the area.
5. Hellmouth: On top of the radio antenna outside the entrance to the K1 Crew Quarters lost sector.
6. K1 Crew Quarters lost sector: Just before the boss, on the opposite side of the big gap you jump across, by the tracer shanks.
7. Hellmouth: Just outside the entrance to the Hellmouth itself. Enter into the area from Anchor of Light and head right up onto the raised cliff where Toland (a ball of light) is hovering. Look towards the right side of the pit and you should see the drone.
8. Sorrow’s Harbor: Inside the keep in the north of the area, just above the crystal and barrier you drop through at the start the Pit of Heresy dungeon.
9. Sorrow’s Harbor: In the south-east corner of Sorrow’s Harbor by the little scarlet spire.
10. K1 Revelation lost sector: Just after you kill the shrieker, hop across to the platform next to where it was, and look straight ahead to see it behind a fence.

Europa Security Drone locations

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There are ten Security Drone locations on the Europa. Here’s where to find each: 

1. Beyond: On top of the darkness structure to the south overlooking the pyramid.
2. Cadmus Ridge: As you enter into the centre of Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing, look up towards the giant Vex structures to spy the yellow drone.
3. Cadmus Ridge: To the left of the main entrance to Bray Exoscience.
4. Perdition lost sector: Just to the right of the chest after you defeat the Minotaur boss at the end.
5. Asterion Abyss: As you come to the Vex structures on the west side of Asterion Abyss, look up to where they meet the cliff to spot a drone on a ledge up there.
6. Asterion Abyss: In the north-west of Asterion Abyss, where you can look across at the Eventide colony ruins, this drone is tucked into a little crack below the open expanse of ice.
7. Concealed Void lost sector: When you get to the big room filled with platforms, radiolaria fluid, and shanks, jump down to the platform on the left, and by the Fallen console, you’ll see a drone sandwiched between two beams.
8. Eventide Ruins: Inside the building where the entrance to the Bunker E15 lost sector is, jump up the platforms to the left, to find this drone tucked in the corner.
9. Eventide Ruins: In the north-east of the ruins, inside the red-lit building, next to the giant hatch. The drone is right beside where you enter the Deep Stone Crypt raid.
10. Bunker E15 lost sector: Just before you enter into the big room with the three security frame prisons, look through the window into the room with the security frames and you should be able to see the drone tucked away on the left side. Now head into the big room and head to the right to find its entrance.  

Heist Battlegrounds Security Drone locations

There are six Security Drones in each of the Heist Battlegrounds activities, so that’s six on the Moon, six on Europa, and six on Mars. These are a little harder to get since they are mid activity, but this excellent guide by Skarrow9 shows the exact locations for all three sets.

Seraph’s Shield Security Drones

There are twelve drones to destroy in the Seraph’s Shield mission. Eleven of them are located behind laser grids, or security doors marked with a circle and star symbol, which are easy to locate. The former can be bypassed using an eager edge sword if you don’t have the upgrade that reduces their damage yet, while the security doors require an upgrade to open.

Once you’ve gotten the door upgrade from the Exo frame in the HELM, activate a door or console to make three symbols appear around the room. You have to shoot these in the correct order before the time limit runs out. You can tell the order by looking at the highlighted symbol and locating that one. When you shoot one, the original will change, and you’ll have a new one to look for. Do all three and the door opens to reveal a Security Drone. 

The only drone not hidden behind a door or laser grid is located just before the microwave room where you have to walk on certain tiles and activate switches. As you walk down the stairs from where the turrets were towards the vandal with the Scanner buff, look behind you and jump around and under the stairs to find it.

What does shooting the Security Drones do?

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Shooting all of the Security Drones gets you Archangel’s Refit; a warmind-themed exotic sparrow. It also opens a door in the Seraph’s Shield mission, located just to the left of the Hive boss when you meet him the second time. I won’t spoil the secret behind the door since it’s pretty fun, but know that you’ll need an eager edge sword or way to pass through laser grids, and that you need to do it to unlock two of the secret triumphs for this season.

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