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Comedy sex game House Party adds playable woman, leaves Early Access

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NSFW comedy-adventure House Party first gatecrashed its way onto Early Access in 2017, was briefly ejected from Steam, and then relaunched in a more SFW version with a separate Explicit Content Add-On containing the naughty bits. Now, after four-and-a-half years of public development and goofy YouTube thumbnail faces, House Party has officially hit version 1.0.

The main addition of the full release is the option to play as a woman. Developer Eek! Games says, “While most of her story will feel familiar, the female protagonist has some story variations of her own: you’ll be invited to the party by a different bestie, partygoers will react differently to you, you’ll hear new background conversations, there will be some new ways to bond with familiar partygoers, and brand new romance scenes for the female player!”

There’s yet more to come for House Party, whether you want it or not, with an upcoming DLC adding popstar Doja Cat as a party guest. She’ll be joining previously added internet celebrities LetyDoesStuff and the Game Grumps, all of whom provide their own voices.

In addition, Eek! Games says, “Just because we are coming out of Early Access though doesn’t mean we are going to stop working on the game. We feel the game is ready enough to no longer be considered Early Access, but translation updates will continue to be rolled out over the next week or two, and there will still be more polish, cutscenes, and Easter Eggs in the pipeline.”

House Party is available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games, and itch.io, with the latter version being the only one that comes uncensored by default.

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