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The Cyber Monday board game deals are even better than Black Friday, surprisingly

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The Cyber Monday board game deals were noticeably better than what we saw over Black Friday, and even now as we move into Cyber Week, there are still some deals to be had. But we’ve also tracked down plenty of complex board games on sale that should appeal to hardcore gamers.

So as you’re searching for Cyber Monday deals on things that plug into your PC, don’t forget the value of unplugging for a while too. Leaving your desktop and playing a game on your dining room table is a great way to spend a few hours, especially if friends or family are visiting. And the board game business is booming like never before, meaning lots of exciting options to choose from.

Below we’ve picked a bunch of our favorite board games that are on sale for Cyber Monday. Whether you’re looking for long strategy sessions, games you can finish in a quick 30 minutes, or something in between, all the games on our list are smartly designed with enough depth to play them again and again.

Not every board game we love is on sale for Cyber Monday (unfortunately). Some of our favorites haven’t been marked down at all (looking at you, Betrayal Legacy), and others are discounted but not as much as we’ve seen in the past. The ones on our list below are genuinely good deals, though, and you’re sure to find something you like.

We’ve noted how many players each game is intended for, and roughly how long it’ll take to play them.

JUMP TO: Amazon’s “Cyber Monday” board games hub  (which inevitably includes a lot of mass-produced classic games—scroll down on this page for recommendations that we think PC gamers will love!)

Best Board Game Deals


Codenames| 2-8 players | Time to play: 15-20 minutes
$19.95 $15.97 at Amazon (save $4)
Amazingly fun social word game that challenges you to get inside the mind of your teammates by trying to guess what their one-word clues mean. Easy to learn and great for parties. There’s also a specific 2-player version with slightly different rules.

View DealPandemic Legacy Season 0 | 2-4 players | Time to play: 60 minutes $79.99

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 | 2-4 players | Time to play: 60 minutes
$79.99 $71.99 at Amazon (save $9.00)
For something deeper and more RPG-like, Pandemic Legacy Season 0 rethemes the bones of the game to be about a Cold War bioweapon and has rules that change as you play.

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Under $50

Star Wars: Outer Rim | 1-4 players | Time to play: 3-4 hours $74.99

Star Wars: Outer Rim | 1-4 players | Time to play: 3-4 hours $74.99 $56.07 at Amazon (save $18.92)
Rated highly on Boardgamegeek, Star Wars: Outer Rim is designed by Corey Konieczka, who also created the Battlestar Galactica board game Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition and Mansions of Madness. “A game of Outer Rim takes place over a series of turns that sees players taking dangerous jobs, tracking down bounties, upgrading their ship, and more, all in service of gaining more and more fame,” reads the description.

Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill | 3-6 players | Time to play: 40-90 minutes
$52.99 $49.59 at Amazon (save $3.40)
Use tiles to build a haunted mansion and then try to escape with your life. Work together with other players, but beware—one of them is a traitor.

View DealSmall World of Warcraft | 2-5 players | Time to play: 40-80 minutes $59.99

Small World of Warcraft | 2-5 players | Time to play: 40-80 minutes
$59.99 $49.97 at Amazon (save $10.02)
A World of Warcraft-themed skin on the board game Small World, with a set of mechanics and clever twists to make the game of rising and falling empires new and fresh for the Alliance and Horde.

View DealSherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective| 1-8 players | Time to play: 90 minutes
$57.99 $40.60 at Amazon (save $13.60)
Explore Victorian London in this co-op detection game, where you look for clues, talk to witnesses, and unravel labyrinthine cases. Can you solve it faster than Sherlock himself? No. But it’s still great fun.

View DealDark Souls: The Card Game | 1-4 players | Time to play: 60+ minutes $50.01

Dark Souls: The Card Game | 1-4 players | Time to play: 60+ minutes
$50.01 $36.95 at Amazon (save $13.06)
A complex Dark Souls board game comes with huge amounts of plastic, but the card game is more straightforward: You and your friends try to defeat two bosses before you run out of bonfire cards. Good luck with that.

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Under $25

Wizards RPG Team Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set| 2+ players | Time to play: Literally weeks
$19.99 $17.94 at Amazon (save $9.36)
Technically not a board game, but this boxed set with dice, character sheets, rules, and an introductory campaign is the best way to get into the tabletop RPG. The Essentials Kit is slightly cheaper at $7.74, down from $24.99, but the Starter Set adventure is a better introduction.

View DealSequence| 2-6 players | Time to play: 20 minutes $24.99

Sequence| 2-6 players | Time to play: 20 minutes $24.99 $13.99 at Amazon (save $13.82)
OK, yes, this is tic-tac-toe with playing cards. But it’s really good! With enough strategic depth for both a StarCraft 2 grandmaster and your grandmother, who may or may not be a StarCraft 2 grandmaster. One of the family favorites of PC Gamer global editor-in-chief Evan Lahti.

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