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Friday, June 14, 2024

Beautifully animated adventure-puzzler Omno is out today

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Make a pilgrimage through a world of ancient wonders, is Omno‘s pitch. In a lost civilisation, with forests, deserts, and tundras, it’s all really quite pretty.

Developer Jonas Manke is primarily an animator, and it shows. Much of the new release trailer is going: hey, look at how beautiful this movement is. You can run, glide, dash, surf, and teleport—which I think is what you’re looking at in those slow-mo-to-zoom segments—but everything else in the world gets the same kind of detail, too. The jellyfish blobbing around, the flying ray flapping its fins.

Sometimes a game is simply a beautiful place to be and move around in—and that’s great, don’t get me wrong—but Omno also promises an array of challenging puzzles, so you can exercise your brain just a little while soaking in the beautiful atmosphere.

The runtime is expected to be 4-5 hours, which given the rest of the vibes of the game sets it as a perfect Sunday afternoon game for me. The laundry can wait—I have giant turtles and other mythical animals to befriend.

Omno is available for $18.99/£14.99 on Steam.

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