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How to enter Kára’s Domain and Valkyrie Arena in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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If you’re looking for some power-boosting endgame activity, you’ll want to visit Kára the Valkyrie in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok. Kára’s Domain is home to the Valkyrie Arena where Havi can test his abilities against a range of challenging enemies. This forms part of the Heroic Scholar quest, where you can find scrolls of Gaefuleysi’s doings around Svartalfheim. Finding his stories unlocks certain sitreps for your battles called Boasts, so let’s take a look at how you can get started in the Valkyrie Arena. 

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Arena Tales


How to find Kára’s Domain and the Valkyrie Arena 

Finding Heroic Saga scrolls is as easy as searching for artifacts—the white dots on your nav bar—around Svartalfheim. In Dawn of Ragnarok, they’re either tattoo designs, uncut gemstones, or heroic saga scrolls. Finding a scroll unlocks a “Boast” in the arena. These act similar to skulls in Halo—they mostly offer some kind of debuff to you, like starting off drunk and getting more inebriated when you heal yourself. Finding your first scroll unlocks the arena itself. But first, you’ll need to find it.

Kára’s Domain is hidden in the mountains in the Svaladal area of the map, to the north of the Yrkjandi Mylna. Once you’ve found it, have a word with her and you’ll have to choose a story, which determines which kind of enemy you face. The more quests you do in the main game, Asgard, Jotunheim, and Svartalfheim, the more tales you will unlock.

How to start a Valkyrie Arena battle 

If you don’t have many tales to choose from, you can let Kára pick for you. Each story has a number of skulls beside which details how difficult the fights are, so come prepared. There are various mushrooms and bodies with powers available around the area, so you can prepare before each fight reasonably well.

After choosing a story, you’ll then get to choose your Boasts. There are 12 Heroic Sagas to find in Svartalfheim, therefore there are 12 Boasts to choose from. Using the same Boasts repeatedly with the same story will yield a small reward, so keep it spicy to build Kára’s interest. Then, it’s off to the arena to do battle.

Valkyrie Arena rewards 

As you earn tokens from Kára, you’ll be able to buy rewards. Alongside some cool runes and dwarven hairstyles, you’ll be able to unlock: 

  • All-Father armor set 
  • Aesir Eye bow 
  • All-Father’s Guard shield 

The coolest reward by far—and it only costs 200 tokens—is the Dwarven beard. It’s a big full beard complete with charms and it is rad. Sadly, only male Eivor can wear it, but you can buy it as female Eivor.


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