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Arma 3’s newest DLC simulates a Cold War clash in Czechoslovakia

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In April, Arma 3 went to Vietnam with the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC that added a range of new weapons and vehicles from the era as well as a new map based on a fictionalized version of the Vietnam War’s entire area of operations. New DLC released today, CSLA Iron Curtain, also takes players back into the past, but not quite as far and in an entirely different region: The 1980s border between Czechoslovakia and the Federal Republic of Germany.

CSLA Iron Curtain (CSLA, by the way, stands for “Československá lidová armáda” in Czech and “Československá ľudová armáda” in Slovak, which translate to Czechoslovak People’s Army, the Czechoslovakian armed forces until 1990) is intended to simulate the outbreak of hostilities between the East and West at the height of the Cold War. It includes a new map, Gabreta, with “deep forests, windswept mountains, calm valleys, a railway network, and various military outposts,” and a trio of new factions representing the US, Czechoslovakia, and local rebel fighters.

The DLC also adds 35 new weapons and 52 vehicles (both including variants), nine singleplayer scenario, one singleplayer Showcase scenario, and nine multiplayer scenarios. To keep the playing field level, a “compatibility data pack” has also been released that will let players who don’t purchase the DLC to access its content on multiplayer servers. Terrain and singleplayer content will only be available by purchasing the pack, however.

CSLA Iron Curtain is the third Creator DLC release, following Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany and S.O.G. Prairie Fire, which enables third-party developers to make and monetize Arma 3 content as official releases. Bohemia Interactive said when Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany was released in 2019 that Creator DLC “aims to provide more original quality content to Arma 3 players, create an opportunity for outside talent to earn a financial reward, while also making it possible to invest more into the Arma series’ long-term future.”

Arma 3: CSLA Iron Curtain is available now on Steam for $12/£10/€12, a 10%  discount off the regular price that’s good until June 23. 

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