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How to get the Saint George armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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If you’re looking to add the Valhalla Saint George armor to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. Thing is, it’s a reward that’s exclusive to the new River Raids mode, and you’ve got plenty of pillaging to do in that before you can nab this legendary AC Valhalla armor set.

In the new mode you can captain the Drakkar through a new set of mini maps, or ‘Rivers’. There you’ll be raiding with Jomsviking to get resources to upgrade your new Jomsviking Hall, acquire new Book of Knowledge abilities, and, of course, pick up the gear of an English saint. However, it’s possible for your raiding chums to die and disappear for the remainder of your raid, and it’s possible you can lose everything you stole if everything goes pear-shaped.

So in this AC Valhalla River Raids gear guide, I’m going to show you how to start the new mode, discover the clues you need to find the Saint George armor, and how you can make it yours.

How to start the AC Valhalla River Raids

The quest that starts you off on the new mode should appear after you download the River Raids update (1.1.2). In it you’ll meet Vagn, a member of another clan who wants to fight (and presumably get rich) with you. You’ll also be invited to experience the final moments of Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, so long as you’ve killed all the Valhalla Lost Drengr—take a look at my Valhalla Ragnar Lothbrok guide for more on that.

Anyway, you’re here for the river raiding. Before you start, you’ll need to have at least left Norway and founded your own settlement, Ravensthorpe. If you’re new to the game, this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to get to from the game’s start. You’ll also need to have built the barracks in Ravensthorpe. That’s when Vagn’s area of your settlement appears. You should also note that, while the first River Raids mission suggests a minimum of 89 Power, you may find that’s insufficient if you want all the rewards hidden within these new mini maps.

Next you’ll be sent off on a tutorial raid. Here the game will give you a few tips and show you the basics of raiding—it’s similar to what you’ve done in the main game, but with added stakes and a few new mechanics. You’ll quickly run out of storage to pilfer new stuff and the game will push you to return to base, so do that so you can properly start. From there you’ll have a choice of two rivers to explore—Exe and Severn—and a mystery to pursue.)

AC Valhalla River Raid map clues: River Exe and Severn locations

After your tutorial raid, Vagn tells you about a mythical armor set, that might not be so mythical after all. But before you can take it to a fitting room, you’ll need to track down two clues, one in the River Exe map, and the other in Severn. Unlike some of the rewards you’ll pursue in the River Raids these locations are fixed. 

The locations are both monasteries, one of three types of area you’ll be razing to the ground. In these chapels you’ll find map clues and new abilities from Books of Knowledge. In civilian spots you’ll get supplies to heal your Jomsviking, and Foreign Supplies, and military forts contain new gear.

Back to the clues. Here’s where you can find them:

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Valhalla River Exe map clue
You’ll have explored a small section of this in the tutorial, but carry on and bear right (northeast) from spawn and you’ll eventually discover Escanceaster Monastery on your right. In the largest church you’ll find the clue on a table at the back of the chapel, in a corner.

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Valhalla River Severn map clue
You couldn’t really have further to travel for this one. From your spawn point in the southwest, the Northern Monastery is in the far northeast corner. Once you’ve made the journey, again head for the largest building at the top of the hill. Just be prepared for many soldiers behind the door to emerge as you open it. I lost a few buddies that way. One they’ve been sent to Valhalla, look left to see a grill. Use your bow to shoot through it and open the barred door on the other side. Then go back on yourself and head outside, run around the exterior of the chapel, and pinch the map clue inside.

With both clues acquired, pay Vagn another visit: this unlocks the third River, Dee. Now you’ll be able to start hunting for the Saint George gear.

AC Valhalla Saint George armor: How to get it

Now this is where things get a little tricky. It seems as if the spots in which you’ll find each part of the Saint George set are randomised, but there’s a simple way of narrowing your searches. If the name of the place you’re about to invade is generic (think ‘Small Town’) then you won’t be finding legendary gear here. Instead the named and intimidatingly fortified destinations are the places for which you should be saving your Jomsviking. That said, don’t ignore smaller settlements entirely: the healing materials you’ll get from them will come in handy in bigger battles.

Here are the randomised Saint George rewards, so you can make sure you’ve grabbed the full collection:

  • Cape
  • Great Helm
  • Armor
  • Bracers
  • Trousers
  • Tower Shield

The exception is the Saint George Holy Sword: you get that from a separate mission Vagn gives you when you unlocked the third river map, in which you have to defeat a boss at the end of a big raid.

AC Valhalla River Raids gear: Everything else you can get

But that’s not everything you can get from River Raids. At many sites in these three new environments you can find Foreign Supplies, which you can use to trade with Vagn back at Ravensthorpe for tattoos and ship cosmetics—it’s 150 for each of the former, 200 for the latter.

Then there are the new abilities. Here’s what they are, and where to find them (their locations are fixed, too:

  • Shoulder Bash (Island Monastery, River Severn): To the right of the biggest buildings as you approach them, slide through the wall at the bottom of the ditch. Shoot the door ahead and take a right.
  • Battle Cry (Cliffside Monastery, River Dee): Head through the big arch and head right up the hill path. Beneath the scaffolding, slide beneath the hole in the wall to access the Book of Knowledge room.
  • Berserker Trap (Riverside Monastery, River Dee): On the far east side of the area, there’s another ditch, and another hole in the wall through which you can slide. Head straight ahead and destroy another door lock with your bow. The Book of Knowledge is again on your right.
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