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A very topless man is leaking Hideo Kojima’s next project

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In what will surely go down as one of the funniest leaks ever, famed auteur Hideo Kojima’s next game appears to have been leaked by a man who is naked from the waist up and reflected on-screen during several minutes of footage. These nipples are working overtime to bring you the latest on the long-rumoured Overdose, a horror game from Kojima Productions that, thanks to this footage, is as good as confirmed.

The Overdose rumours centred around the actor Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding, and this footage shows a character that looks just like her exploring a dark facility of some kind. The character has a torch and appears to be being pursued by something at various points.

Most notable are the constant shifts in camera position and focus on the character, suggesting that this section of the game at least is playing out in a semi-automated fashion. This seems even more plausible in the context of regular on-screen prompts, akin to the kind of thing you’d see in a Quantic Dream game, though obviously drawing any wider conclusions about the project from a few minutes of footage would be foolish: given the ending in particular, which is a jump scare that ends with a stylised piece of logo work, this could be a pitch video or a prospective demo.

That ending: the character screams, and “Game over” appears. Then the text “A Hideo Kojima game” fades in, before “Game” fades out and “Over” becomes “Overdose”. If this is a fake, and of course there’s always that possibility, it’s a hell of a fake.

The footage initially leaked on the Streamable platform and can currently be viewed here, though expect to be chasing down mirrors once the lawyers get a hold of nipple bro and his hosts. 

As well as moobs, which flash distractingly on-screen every time the footage brightens up, there are several other aspects to this leak’s ridiculousness we should admire. Our au naturel friend is using a phone to film another phone, which is playing a video of a video being recorded on a laptop screen. Leakception! And we thought the Elden Ring potato cut was as ludicrous as it could get.

Finally: the dude not only shows off his pecs but, at points, his face. Good luck with the lawyers, perky.

It is not known whether Overdose is the collaboration between Microsoft and Kojima Productions, though the latter is one of the two projects the studio is known to be working on (the other is Death Stranding 2, helpfully confirmed by its lead). Either way Kojima’s team produced one of the great horror experiences, albeit a small and self-contained one, with P.T., and it looks like we’ll finally get to see what he can do in the horror genre.

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