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So, looks like Intel’s top Alchemist graphics cards will be out before the end of October

There's still no solid release date, but at least we now know that Intel plans to release the new Arc A700-series graphics cards by...

Intel clarifies that Arc-powered laptops will be available in the ‘coming weeks’

Intel has cleared up some questions over the availability of Arc-powered gaming laptops, but if you were hoping for a specific time frame, you'll...

Has Nvidia just become the good guy in the whole DLSS vs FSR vs XeSS debate?

Nvidia has introduced an open-source framework to make it easier for developers to plug anyone's upscaling algorithm into the rendering pipelines of their games....

Intel publicly shows off Arc Alchemist GPU running Tomb Raider

At an event for Intel investors on Thursday, the chipmaker showed off its Arc Alchemist graphics card for the first time. In a photo...

Intel confirms it won’t limit cryptocurrency mining on its new Alchemist graphics cards

In a recent round table interview about its Arc Alchemist GPUs, Intel revealed that it won't be employing any hardware or software limiters or...

Intel XeSS is Alchemist’s answer to DLSS and FSR, and can work on anyone’s GPU

Intel has announced that its upcoming lineup of gaming graphics cards, now known as Intel Alchemist, will support a frame rate boosting technology called...

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