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Intel could match TSMC for chip transistor density later this year

Intel's struggles with its chip production technology are well documented. Its 10nm node was at least five years late and has since been rejigged...

AMD dismisses reports of RDNA 3 graphics bugs

AMD has dismissed reports that its new Radeon RX 7900 XT and XTX graphics boards are suffering from a bug that impacts performance. AMD...

China petitions WTO as more countries promise semiconductor sanctions

Countries like the United States have been making efforts to introduce sanctions against China regarding the production of semiconductors. It seems these have finally...

AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs will use a ‘highly optimized’ 5nm process, but don’t be blinded by node numbers

AMD is promising to deliver a 5nm node with its upcoming chips that is "highly optimized for high performance computing." A GPU or CPU's...

Intel Alchemist GPUs are being built by a competitor because Intel doesn’t have room

Update 21-Sep-21: ASCII has updated its interview with Raja Koduri to state that Raja did not actually say, "(Intel's) advanced process did not have...

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