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System Shock

System Shock was originally pitched as Sonic the Hedgehog in space

System Shock served as the inspiration for countless games, from fellow immersive sims like Deus Ex, to direct spiritual successors like Bioshock. Even Dead...

System Shock was the FPS that changed PC games forever

We're digging into the PC Gamer archives to publish pieces from years gone by. This article was originally published in PC Gamer issue 182,...

Nightdive CEO discusses sale to Atari, says publisher ‘is on the rise’

Nightdive Studios, developers of the imminent System Shock remake, was recently acquired by Atari for $10 million in a move that came as quite...

Atari is buying System Shock remake studio Nightdive for $10M

Atari, the stumbling veteran gaming company, is buying Nightdive Studios, the company responsible for the forthcoming System Shock remake, as well as a raft...

What Thief has in common with submarine combat, and other tales from iconic but short-lived developer Looking Glass Studios

DNA TRACINGThis article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 379 in January 2023, as part of our DNA Tracing series, where every month...

System Shock has had a last-minute delay until May: ‘We are after all merely human’

Shodan is up to her old tricks and, instead of being able to try and defeat her in March, we'll now be twiddling our...

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