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Nightdive Studios

System Shock was originally pitched as Sonic the Hedgehog in space

System Shock served as the inspiration for countless games, from fellow immersive sims like Deus Ex, to direct spiritual successors like Bioshock. Even Dead...

Nightdive CEO discusses sale to Atari, says publisher ‘is on the rise’

Nightdive Studios, developers of the imminent System Shock remake, was recently acquired by Atari for $10 million in a move that came as quite...

System Shock has had a last-minute delay until May: ‘We are after all merely human’

Shodan is up to her old tricks and, instead of being able to try and defeat her in March, we'll now be twiddling our...

The Quake remaster brings back a cut section of E2M6

When Quake was being developed, the developers at id set a self-imposed limit of 1.4MB for each .bsp file, meaning no map could go...

Shadow Man: Remastered releases April with ‘never-before-seen content cut from the original’

Shadow Man: Remastered, Nightdive Studios' revival of the old 1999 Acclaim voodoo action game based on the comic book, will hit Steam, GOG, and...

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