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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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A new ‘browser-in-the-browser’ attack threatens Steam users

Receiving a Steam message from someone trying to scam you out of a Team Fortress 2 hat was a rite of passage for PC...

Crypto-hackers are holding the Costa Rican healthcare system to ransom for $5B in bitcoin

Tuesday, the Costa Rican healthcare system became the target of hackers known as 'Hive' who, after encrypting the Social Security agency's servers have demanded...

AMD reminds us that its mobile GPU is more powerful than Intel’s

Intel had a pretty exciting week with the announcement of its Arc 3 laptop GPUs. During its presentation, Intel showed off several slides showing...

Microsoft has crushed the worst DDoS attack its Azure servers have ever encountered

An unnamed Microsoft Azure customer has recently been targeted by a profound 2.4 Tbps DDoS attack. Thankfully the cloud service was able to fend...

This panda hungers for your Steam and Discord logins

Here come the hackers again, poised to relieve you of your cryptocurrency and break into your Steam and Discord accounts. And in the same...

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