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GOG is giving away a free game to start its big Winter Sale

Winter is here and you know what that means: Cold, snow, 5 pm darkness, and the subtle but unmistakable funk of wet, sweaty boots...

GOG is giving away a free game for Halloween

Genesis Alpha One, a roguelike FPS about building, maintaining, and navigating a ship through a galaxy that's very eager to kill you, did not...

CD Projekt ‘looking into’ menstrual leave after GOG announcement

In a huge step for equality in the workplace (both within the games industry and beyond), GOG recently announced that it's started offering menstrual...

Stylish roguelike card game Iris and the Giant is free on GOG

Iris and the Giant is a stylish, occasionally sad roguelike card game about a young woman confronting her inner demons and broken memories as...

EA explains botched decision to remove Ultima Underworld and Syndicate from GOG

In June, the aged-but-great games Ultima Underworld and Syndicate were removed from GOG, at the "publisher's request," that publisher being Electronic Arts. It was...

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