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Gamescom 2022

’80s cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space is becoming a multiplayer horror game

1980s horror films have had something of a resurgence in videogames over the past few years. From Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger in Dead...

Goat Simulator 3 gameplay trailer simulates more goats than ever

Last year's announcement of Goat Simulator 3 was a big surprise—in no small part because there was never a Goat Simulator 2. And at...

This diving game about grief seems like rather a literal metaphor

Parallel Studio has announced Under the Waves, a single-player narrative-driven game developed with the assistance of Quantic Dream and releasing on PC and other...

Gamescom 2022 schedule: all the shows and reveals you can watch this year

Gamescom 2022 is nearly upon us, so get to studying the schedule for the livestreams you'll want to watch. The festival is back in...

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