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EVE Online

EVE Online studio CCP Games is making a blockchain game

EVE Online studio CCP Games has announced that it is working on a new triple-A game set in the EVE universe, and I am...

EVE Anywhere is taking space spreadsheet gaming to the cloud

CCP Games has launched a cloud-based browser client for EVE Online called EVE Anywhere, which allows players to commit their sci-fi white collar crimes...

The best MMOs in 2023

Best of the best2023 games: Upcoming releases Best PC games: All-time favorites Free PC games: Freebie fest Best FPSes: Finest gunplay Best MMOs: Massive worlds Best RPGs: Grand adventuresMMOs...

EVE Online prices are going up

The cost of doing business in EVE Online is going up. CCP Games announced today that in order to support the game's continued growth,...

EVE Online is doing a Doctor Who crossover

EVE Online will kick off its first ever crossover event later this month when CCP Games teams up with the BBC to bring Doctor...

How greedy microtransactions sparked EVE Online’s disastrous Summer of Rage

Conflict is etched into the very heart of EVE Online. On any given day, thousands of players war against one another as its player-run...

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