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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Elite: Dangerous

If Starfield takes one thing from Elite Dangerous, I hope it’s bus driving

My enormous space bus is easing its way into a slowly spinning space station when I get a mission-critical message from one of my...

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s planetside missions can now be shared with friends

Bounty hunting's always been better with friends—and with this week's massive update to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, you can now share the spoils of your...

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets another massive bug-fixing update

Like a beleaguered Starfleet engineer, Frontier has once again found itself neck-deep in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's maintenance shafts in an attempt to patch up...

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s next alpha phase introduces 24-player deathmatch

Between listless combat, lifeless NPCs and a tedious transit system, we've been a little down on the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha so far. But...

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