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A magical Windows XP activation tool has been hiding in plain sight on Reddit for the last year

If the word "Pentium" or dreamy photos of rolling green hills ignite a nostalgic fire within you, prepare to get pumped: recent developments have...

Thanks for everything, WinRAR: Windows is finally getting native RAR support

In a move that may signal the beginning of the End Times, Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the unthinkable is happening: it's adding native...

Here’s why you have to deal with so many annoying webPs now

Don't tell whoever it is that signs my checks, but at least half my job is downloading images off the internet. I download a...

Windows 10’s PowerToys is the best feature you’re not using

I have an embarrassing confession: I do not, in fact, know everything about computer.I'm good at computer—I know where to find deeply buried menus...

Streamlabs accused of plagiarism and ‘unethical’ business practices (updated)

Update: Streamlabs has made a formal statement on Twitter, pledging to change the name of its product."We are taking immediate action to remove OBS...

Windows 11 will have built-in support for Android apps

During its Windows 11 event on Thursday, Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows and its new Microsoft Store will have built-in support...

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