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The Nier Automata anime has a trailer and release date, will be ‘changing things’

An anime adaptation of the open world philosophical-robot genre-mash Nier Automata was announced in February, and now we finally have some details about it....

The Cyberpunk Netflix show is taking over the 2077 mod scene

The Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the first thing that's made me a little bit interested in playing Cyberpunk 2077 since its rough...

Arcane season 2: What we know so far

Since its release in 2021, Arcane has managed the near-impossible: it's a video game tie-in show that most people thought was pretty good. So...

A Dragon Age anime series is coming to Netflix in December

A new Dragon Age game is in development, and so is a new Dragon Age animated series. Netflix announced today that Dragon Age: Absolution,...

Shenmue: The Animation drops a violent new trailer to reveal February debut date

Adult Swim announced in 2020 that Shenmue, the game about making friends, getting a job, and avenging the death of your father at the...

What makes a great anime game

We're inundated with anime games on PC. From erotica featuring doe-eyed waifus on Steam to games that are based on actual TV shows like...

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