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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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CS:GO smashes player records as Counter-Strike 2 hype mounts

The prospect of Counter-Strike 2 has a lot of people playing CS:GO, with a new all-time peak player record of 1,519,457 being set today....

The recent Monster Hunter games have sold very, very well

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is an excellent expansion for one of the year's best PC releases, and has seen Steam's playercounts for the game...

Path of Exile hits all-time player high in wake of latest update

Path of Exile's wild new Echoes of the Atlas expansion, the one that turns its endgame into a vast interdimensional fight club, has triggered...

Steam hits new concurrent user high at 24.7M

Steam has surpassed previous concurrent user counts to a new height of 24,776,635 players today, per tracking site SteamDB. This new high beats records...

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