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Massive Fallout mod The Frontier releases, bringing the apocalypse to Oregon

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It’s been more than three years since the developers of The Frontier started showing off their massive, ambitious New Vegas mod, and the mod is finally out. So anticipated that it briefly crashed its Nexusmods download page on release, the mod takes the people of the Fallout: New Vegas wasteland to the unexplored wastes around Portland, Oregon. 

It’s a huge mod, with three new main quests, 60+ side quests, and “tens of thousands of lines of new voiced dialogue” for them. There are also new items, but the big new thing is driveable vehicles, which the mod creators are very proud of, calling them “the best iteration of a modded driving system for a Fallout title ever!” Your enemies can also drive vehicles, which sounds horrible, frankly. Thankfully(?) there are also drivable tanks. And Vertibirds.

It’s a really impressive looking mod. The playable area is the same size as the original Mojave desert from New Vegas, with the mod itself having a higher file count than the original New Vegas in some respects. It also has more interior spaces than the base game and all the DLCs combined. It’s something like 65, or more, hours of gameplay all told. 

You can find The Frontier on Nexusmods. You’ll need Fallout: New Vegas and all of its DLC to play. It’s a bit of work to install, but they’ve made it pretty easy. 

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