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Phil Spencer apologizes for Redfall’s ‘disappointing’ launch but promises to keep working on it

Redfall is out, and to be blunt, it is not good. It's a "flat, dull experience," we said in our 44% review (ouch), "that...

Redfall review

Need to KnowWhat is it? A vampire hunting multiplayer FPS Release date May 1, 2023 Expect to pay $70 Developer Arkane Austin Publisher Bethesda Reviewed on RTX 3080 Ti,...

Redfall will only do 30 fps on Xbox consoles, and people are starting to worry

Arkane's not-Left-4-Dead co-op shooter Redfall is set to arrive in less than three weeks, and the closer it gets, the more concerned I become....

The best Dishonored game goes free on the Epic Store next week

Is Death of the Outsider really the best Dishonored game? The answer to that question will be a firm "yes" next week, because next...

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