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Here are all three Sons of the Forest keycard locations

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You’ll need Sons of the Forest keycards to access several bunkers on the cannibal-infested island. As you might expect, these valuable items aren’t left just lying around: For starters, you’re going to need the shovel—a tool that requires you to have already found the rebreather and rope gun—so expect to put in a bit of legwork first. 

There are three keycards to find in total, all of which are located at the green pips on your GPS, and each one is found in the northwest part of the island. You’ll want to obtain them in the order listed below: 

  1. Maintenance keycard
  2. VIP keycard
  3. Guest keycard

Make sure you’re stocked up on food and supplies before you set out. Once you’re ready for an expedition, here are the Sons of the Forest keycard locations.

Where to find the Sons of the Forest keycards

Make sure to tackle the keycards in this order, because you’ll need the maintenance keycard to access the VIP keycard, and the VIP keycard to access the guest keycard.

Sons of the Forest maintenance keycard location

Head to the spot marked on the map above and look out for surveying equipment and golf carts. If you search around the dirt between them, you should find a shovel icon. Equip the shovel and start digging to reveal a square hatch labeled “Maintenance A”.

Once you’ve removed most of the dirt from the surface, you can open it and head down the ladder inside.

You should find yourself in a long, dimly lit corridor. Keep going until you reach an open door on your right. Amongst the seemingly extravagant furnishings, you’ll find a desk on the back wall, along with a 3D printer.

The orange maintenance keycard belonging to Carl Planter is lying on top of a magazine here. 

Sons of the Forest VIP keycard location (Virginia’s keycard)

Look for a narrow cave entrance next to a golf cart in a fairly open area of the forest. Once inside, start heading downwards and follow the cave tunnel until you reach a square hatch in the floor. Climb down the ladder inside turn to your right at the bottom.

There’s a doorway ahead of you but ignore that and look for another door with a blue panel to the right, at the far end of the kitchen area. You’ll need the Maintenance keycard above to get in here.

Head through several rooms of hydroponic gardens until you reach a dark corridor. Follow this around to the left and down some stairs and you’ll find yourself wading in water. Continue through several more flooded rooms and before you emerge from the water, clock the open door on the left side of the hallway.

Enter that door and proceed through more waterlogged hallways until you reach a security surveillance room. The yellow VIP keycard for Virginia Puffton is on the desk ahead of you.

Sons of the Forest guest keycard location

Look for another narrow cave entrance at the location marked on the map above. Head inside and follow the tunnel until you reach a corridor with a room at the very end. There’s a bed and a 3D printer in here, but you want to continue along the corridor to the left towards the bright light. 

You’ll need the VIP keycard above to open a double door in the bright hallway here. Once inside, you’ll head through a gym and then a dim orange room full of saunas and into a room with double staircases. Head upstairs and through a pool room and look for the bar and nightclub area.

You’ll find the purple guest keycard for Arnold Crand on a circular glass table with several dead bodies around it.

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