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Friday, December 1, 2023


PC Gaming Show 2022

The Invincible is a Firewatch-style adventure on a dead planet full of killer robots

Polish sci-fi stunner The Invincible left a hell of a first impression when it was first announced back in 2020—and that was just a...

Abyssals is an underwater city builder that only slightly terrifies me

Nothing is more terrifying than the ocean. Sure, we have spiders, poison, heights, scorpions and my Mum when I haven't messaged her for two...

Here’s the final trailer for Immortality, which Sam Barlow says was written with ‘very few f**ks given’

There must be added pressure to create a particularly cool trailer when your game is both literally and figuratively about dissecting movies. I doubt...

Dune: Spice Wars multiplayer is coming this month

That was quick. Less than two months since 4X strategy game Dune: Spice Wars rolled into early access on Steam, developer Shiro Games is...

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